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The Dreaming I


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deathspellsix Scathing, nightmarish, brutally haunting. It swirls and swarms like a plague of locusts. The journey through this portal to one man's imagination and creative output is nothing short of mesmerizing. Chills erupt across my flesh and my eyes begin to water. Every breath inside this eruption of black metal chaos is spent in awe.
Dean Vincent
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Dean Vincent It's rare to achieve such fine a balance between tense and macabre atmosphere, alongside raw and harsh delivery of the more furious moments. An absolute must have in your collection. Favorite track: Consummation.
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Sandullos It's hard for me to pick a favorite track, 'cause this whole album is just amazing. Favorite track: Into The Indigo Abyss.
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How great and exalted this album is !

Naas Alcameth, the mastermind behind the beast NIGHTBRINGER, has amazing dreams, full of horrid shadows, white voices, and visions of nights beyond nights. He has used his terrific new creation, AKHLYS, as a vector to share this black onirism with listeners.

AKHLYS is a gateway (gateways upon gateways… gateways upon gateways…), an opening to the sound of his own haunted dreams, the occult world of hallucinations incarnated in music.

"The Dreaming I" is a fascinating and grandiose sonic monument consisting of five otherworldly compositions, five dark tunnels of fury and intensity in which to lose yourself, filled with dangerous and hypnotic melodies.

This first album is a unique moment in timeless time, a delicious abyss of dark and ethereal enchantment that takes Black Metal into another magnificient dimension. Gateways upon gateways...

I dreamt of a building of shadowy sounds
With labyrinthine melodies
All crimson and gold
All ruin and decay

It is a great feeling when we see our darkest dreams alive in another person…


released April 20, 2015



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